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XCO® Foam Grip

XCO® Foam Grip

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Keep the grip on the XCO®-trainer with this special foam grip.

Note: the foam is meant to be applied once on the XCO®-trainer!


The foam grip size S/M is suitable for the following products:

  • XCO®-trainer size S
  • XCO®-trainer size M
  • BRN®-set

The foam grip size L is suitable for the following products:

  • XCO®-trainer size L
  • XCO®-trainer size XL

 About the XCO®-trainer

The XCO®-trainer is a safe way to train your muscles, stay in shape and burn calories. This training combines strength and dynamics with an intensive workout for the abdominal, back, leg and arm muscles.

The XCO®-trainer is a tube filled with grit. The grit moves back and forth from lid to lid with every movement you make. Because the grit 'overshoots' at the beginning of the backward movement, the muscles, and especially the connective tissue in and around the muscles, are subjected to additional mechanical stress.

The result is more muscle strength, adjustment of the connective tissue in terms of length, tensile strength and architecture and a tighter body. Of course, you not only strengthen your muscles: XCO®-training also ensures the burning of calories!